English Language

Texas International Study Center/ School of English in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

A wide range of English language courses

Texas International Study Center is an English language school in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and experienced in providing English language training and Special Purposes courses:

  • Our General English courses- For people who would like to communicate more effectively in English by improving grammatical knowledge, language skills and confidence.
  • Our Exam Preparation courses-To assist people in their exams and assist them to obtain the best possible results

Our Special Purposes courses -For academics, specialists, technicians and professionals who would like to enhance their specific language ability

At Texas International English School, we offer a variety of courses to improve your English language, business skills and office skills.


The courses follow a syllabus which is primarily designed to develop the four skills of speaking, writing, reading and listening, and to increase your awareness of how English works. You also learn and revise new vocabulary.

Group Class or PRIVATE ENGLISH INSTRUCTION (ONE-TO-ONE) – Don’t have time to attend our regular classes? Well, personal (one –to-one) class is just for you. We can arrange a suitable learning situation for you at your convenient time to help you.

Private English Instruction is ideal for beginners or those requiring specialized English, such as Business English, TOEFL, IELTS, Test Preparation, Reading, etc.

For more in-depth and personal attention, try our Private English classes. We are able to expertly customize a program that will work with your busy schedule. A full-time TALK teacher will work with you one-to-one to achieve your desired level of English proficiency or improve a specific area. These one-to-one classes are designed to be flexible and to meet your personal learning objectives and scheduling needs.


Before the start of your program, you will complete our placement test to determine which of our five levels are right for you. Based on your placement test result we will help you select the classes that target your needs and goals. We recommend that you take the test 2 or 3 days before you start for classes. Tests are given during registration only at no charge.


Texas international’s multimedia laboratory boosts student success at speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Using award-winning English software, students immerse themselves in the language.
Instructors help students use technology to make learning language fun, faster, and easier. The Texas international computer lab also features helpful test preparation and immersion software with dedicated instructors to guide students toward language. At Texas International English School, clients can be sure that they will receive helpful and efficient guidance and encouragement.


All of the teachers at Texas International are experienced in their field, and have been selected for their high standard of classroom management skills and knowledge of teaching / training techniques. We only employ teachers who have a proven record of success. You will find the teachers friendly, efficient, and capable of responding to your particular learning requirements. Throughout your course, your teacher will be a supportive, understanding guide to the learning process who will monitor your progress and create opportunities for practice in a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere.


The Texas International Method is a practical and results-oriented way of learning to communicate effectively in English. It is a modular and highly flexible system, where learners are closely supported and encouraged. The Texas International Method’s adaptive mixture of learning modes and approaches enables everyone to succeed, whatever their preferred learning style or previous experience of learning.

To allow maximum interactivity and give students ample individualized attention, the enrollment is limited to 10 to 15 students per class.